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Documentation[edit source]

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This module is a data file that is used to automate information throughout the Eco Wiki using various Lua Modules. If you would like to see more information generated on a data page request it on the Eco Contribution Wiki Discord server.

Usage[edit source]

To use the ecoVersion string in wikitext, see Template:Eco version.

For usage through Lua, see the example code below.

-- Load data only once per page. (Do no use require())
local VersionData = mw.loadData("Module:EcoVersion")

-- Assert that some data was received, otherwise throw an error.
assert(, "Failed to load data from Module:EcoVersion!")

-- You may then use data from this module in your script.
local ecoVersionData =["eco"]

-- Eco Version : beta release-343
-- Export Language: English

return {
    eco = {
        ['eco'] = {
                    ['ecoVersion'] = ' beta release-343',
                    ['fullInfo'] = ' beta release-343 Monday, September 19, 2022 9:19 PM',
                    ['dataExportDate'] = '9/20/2022 12:00:00 AM',