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Game Menu

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The Game Menu is the UI that appears when you press Esc in game.

Main[edit | edit source]

In this menu you can set some graphics options, access advanced (including controls), report a bug, disconnect or quit the game entirely.

  • Language - The language used throughout the game.

Slider Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Shadow Quality - The quality of shadows.
  • Foliage Quality - The quality / amount of bushes and grass.
  • Render Scale - The internal resolution quality. 100% equals your displays resolution.
  • Brightness - The brightness in game.
  • Field of View - The angle of view displayed on your display. Higher the number the wider but "fish eyed" it will look. (60 is commonly used)
  • View Distance - The distance in which items are rendered in the game. This can greatly affect performance.
  • Minimap Detail - The amount of detail the minimap renders.
  • Interface Scale - The size in which individual user interface elements are rendered on the display.
  • Music - The volume of in-game music.
  • SFX - The volume of sounds in game.

Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Advanced - Opens up the advance menu. See Advanced.
  • Restart Tutorial - Resets all completed tutorial tasks. You will then have the chance to do them again.
  • Report a Bug - Report a bug to the developers from in game. See Bug Report.
  • Disconnect - Disconnect from current game and go back to the title screen.
  • Quit - Completely close the game.

Advanced[edit | edit source]

Click the advanced button in the main menu to access the advanced options. In this menu you can set some video/graphics options and also access control key binds.

Resolution[edit | edit source]

Select your relative display resolution for best results. Lower can be used for better performance. Be sure to click APPLY to set any changes.

  • Fullscreen - Toggle whether the game displays in fullscreen mode or windowed mode.

Checkbox Settings[edit | edit source]

  • VSync - Vertical refresh On/Off. If Disabled, you can set target frame rate so your video card doesn't work extra hard.
  • Atmosphere Scattering
  • Fog - Toggle if fog is rendered in game.
  • Realtime Reflections
  • Sunshafts
  • Vibrance - Toggles a more vibrant color scheme.
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Bloom
  • Global Illumination - Significantly affects performance.
  • Show Interact Cursor - Toggles if the cursor is displayed on objects in game. This can help determine where your are looking.
  • Underwater Distortion - Toggles if the water is clear or distorts for a more realistic look.

Buttons[edit | edit source]

  • Controls - Opens the control menu. See Controls.
  • Reset Defaults - Resets all the setting on this page to the game defaults. This can not be reversed.
  • Back - Takes you back the Main menu.

Controls[edit | edit source]

Click the control button in the advanced menu to access the control key binds options. Here you can custom set or see what the key binds are.

Clicking "Reset Defaults", will set all the key binds back to the games default settings. You cannot revert this and will have to manually set any custom key binds again.

Bug Report[edit | edit source]

To submit a bug report, click the "Report a Bug" button in the main menu. Fill out the form and click "Create in Github" to submit the issue.