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Textmarkierung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Das Aussehen der Texte kann man durch bestimmte HTML Stichworte verändert werden. Dies funktioniert auch im Chat.

  • Fett = <b>Fett</b>
  • Kursiv = <i>Kursiv</i>
  • Unterstrichen = <u>Unterstrichen</u>
  • color = <#FF0000>Farbe</color>

Chat Befehle[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Chat Befehle können im Chat Protokoll aktiviert werden, indem man Enter drückt (Standard Tasten Belegung).

Nutze /help um alle Befehle anzuzeigen.

Beachte: "[ ]" indiziert, das etwas Unabdingbar ist "( )" indiziert, das etwas optional ist

Chat-Befehle 0.9.x[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Command Short
Admin /inventory durability Legt die Haltbarkeit des gehaltenen Gegenstands fest
durability (Single)
Benutzer /emote lie /lie Lie
Entwickler /qa runtest Run a specific test.
testname (String)
Entwickler /land removeallbut /removeallbut Removes all block types except the specified type within a specified area
blockType (String), x (Int32), z (Int32), y (Int32), isTurnToGlass (Boolean)
Entwickler /avatar dummy Spawns a dummy avatar
count (Int32)
Entwickler /preset hidden Spawns Hidden items
sType (Int32)
Admin /civics clearoldelections Remove record of a specific election, or if none passed, all previous elections.
election (Election)
Entwickler /meteor impact Make the meteor strike instantly.
Admin /time set Set time of day to the specified hour
hour (Single)
Admin /build evict /evict Evict the targetted user, or self if none is targeted.
targetUser (User)
Benutzer /emote lay /lay Lay
Admin /civics spawnconst Spawnt eine leere Verfassung, wenn sie fehlt.
Entwickler /test interactitems Attempts to give the user all items and interact with them
Admin /inventory dumpcarried /dumpcarried Dumps all carried items.
Benutzer /civics mydems List each demographic and the status of the specified user (using the called if none specified).
otherUser (User)
Entwickler /test elevator Setup an elevator for testing
Admin /skills rate Zeigt den momentanen Fertigkeitspunktemultiplikator an oder setzt ihn.
skillRate (Single)
Entwickler /skills levelupall Levels all skills up 1 level at a time (no chunks).
num (Int32)
Admin /util fuel /fuel Fuels currently selected (driving) vehicle.
target (INetObject)
Entwickler /qa receivechat Send multiple chat messages over time to test scrolling
msgCounts (Int32)
Admin /Geld createaccount Creates an account with specified name.
name (String)
Entwickler /test pickupblock Attempts picking up all world block objects in the world
Entwickler /build home Spawn a few rooms with housing value.
Entwickler /build objects Spawn all of the objects containing a string in its name. If they have text, add that too, can optionally set the string range.
objectstring (String), textLengthMin (Int32), textLengthMax (Int32)
Benutzer /emote achievement4 /cheer Cheer
Admin /inventory carryall /carryall Allows carry items into any user inventory slot and removes weight check. Pass false to reset to normal.
allowCarryAll (Boolean)
Entwickler /preset tools Spawns Tools items
sType (Int32)
Admin /teleportiere toworldposition /tp Teleport to an xyz coordinate or an xz coordinate. For two components Y is calculated automatically.
x (Int32), yOrZ (Int32), z (Int32)
Admin /skills givepointsto /point Give skillpoints to another player. Give them to yourself if target user is empty
targetUser (User), number (Single)
Entwickler /preset blocks Spawns Blocks items
sType (Int32)
Admin /teleportiere atob Teleports player A to player B
targetA (User), targetB (User)
Admin /manage kick /kick Kicks user
kickUser (User), reason (String)
Admin /land clearrubble Entfernt den Schutt um den Spieler.
radius (Single)
Entwickler /preset clothes Spawns Clothing items
sType (Int32)
Benutzer /emote yawn /yawn Gähnen
Entwickler /test foldouts /dbgf Generates some test combinations of foldout lists. Can optionally set the level of nesting.
nestingIterations (Int32)
Entwickler /civics spawnelection Generate a test election.
forceFinish (Boolean)
Entwickler /civics testgameactions Tests all the actions in the game by making laws for them and performing them.
Admin /civics finishelection /fin Force-end the specified election, adding a vote if true is passed (default).
election (Election), addVote (Boolean)
Benutzer /land mark /mark Drops a waypoint at the current position. Accepts an optional text string for the waypoint.
text (String)
Entwickler /civics spawnzoningoffice Spawn a zoning office, passing the number of maps and districts in each. Defaults to a lot (3 maps with 100 districts each).
maps (Int32), districtCount (Int32)
Entwickler /build import Imports building from string. I.e.: bt:HewnLogCube;room:0:-1:0:3:4:3;bt:Empty;fplane:2:0:0:1:2
importString (String)
Admin /pollute co2 Changes CO2 PPM by X
ppm (Single)
Entwickler /civics addcandidates Add a bunch of candidates to specfied election (or first election found if none specified).
election (Election)
Entwickler /qa givealltools /gat Give all tools of the particular tier. Without specific tier a chest with all tools will be spawned
tier (Single)
Benutzer /manage useractivity Listet alle Spieler und deren letzten Login auf.
Admin /Geld steamsale /gabe Gib allen Spielern einen bestimmten Betrag
amount (Single)
Admin /titles clear Entfernt alle Inhaber von einem Titel.
title (Title)
Entwickler /qa allblocks Spawns all blocks. Optional integer parameter for how many rows to make the blocks in, default is 1 row.
rows (Int32)
Entwickler /build fullstockpile Generate a full stockpile
Entwickler /qa chattest Spam a bunch of stuff to chat
tagCount (Int32), gibberish (Boolean)
Entwickler /build sewagevillage Spawn a village that will have a sewage network.
Admin /Geld removeaccountmanager Remove user as manager from bank account with ID.
account (BankAccount), target (User)
Benutzer /avatar thirdperson Toggles Third Person Camera
Entwickler /test distributionstationcarried Creates and applies a Distribution Station with carried items
Admin /manage whitelist Shows list of whitelisted users or adds user to the whitelist by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Entwickler /craft techtreesimulation Simulates the tech tree
Admin /manage admin /admin Shows list of admins or adds user as an Admin by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Entwickler /civics spawndems Generate some demographics.
count (Int32)
Entwickler /qa allterrain Spawns all diggable blocks
Entwickler /food clearstomach /clearstomach Entleert deinen Magen
Benutzer /emote grin /grin Grinsen
Benutzer /emote doh /doh Doh
Benutzer /emote gross /gross Gross
Entwickler /contracts test Tests founded existing contracts.
contractClause (String)
Entwickler /qa giveallvehicles /gav Give all vehicles and hammer (no elevator, no crane)
Admin /property unclaim /unclaim Unclaim the plot you're standing on
Admin /civics updatedems Force demographics to update immediately.
Admin /pollute air Creates X tons of air pollution
tons (Single)
Entwickler /districts spawn Generate some random districts around the user.
numDistricts (Int32), size (Int32), useExisting (Boolean), districtMap (DistrictMap)
Entwickler /craft getpathtoitem Gets the resources needed to craft something
target (String)
Admin /land markglobal /markglobal Drops a global waypoint at the current position. Accepts an optional text string for the waypoint.
text (String)
Entwickler /test giveremoveitems Attempts to give the user all of the items, then remove them
Benutzer /emote liedown /liedown Liedown
Admin /skills education Set education value (0 to 1) for a skill (default to 1), giving the skill if the user doesn't have it. If no target user is set, apply to self.
skillName (String), value (Single), targetUser (User)
Admin /manage mute /mute Shows list of muted users or mutes user by account id, steamid, slgid, or username. Mute forever by default with empty time. Time format: 1m, 1h, 1d, 1w.
nameOrID (String), reason (String), time (String)
Benutzer /manage Spieler Gibt eine Liste aller Spieler, die online sind, aus
Admin /objects clear Entfernt Objekte eines bestimmten Typs.
typeName (String), removeActive (Boolean), removeInactive (Boolean)
Admin /manage save Rette die Welt!
Entwickler /build worldobjects Spawns a large number of WorldObjects of the given name.
worldObjectItemName (String), count (Int32)
Entwickler /test cranes Setup a test environment for cranes.
Entwickler /build tolltrigger Create a test toll object triggering some basic stuff.
Entwickler /achievements list /chieves List the achievements available.
Admin /build village Spawnt ein Dorf
type (Int32), count (Int32)
Admin /time noon /noon Set time of day to noon.
Admin /property Besitzer /besitzer Change owner of current deed
newOwner (User)
Admin /skills all Schaltet alle Fertigkeiten frei
targetUser (User)
Entwickler /civics setactiveusers Force a given number of players to be active, creating the users if there are not enough
count (Int32)
Admin /civics winelection Force-win an election, either with the specified candidate, or 'yes' if it's a binary election.
election (Election), winner (User)
Entwickler /build shuffleblocks Spawns and shuffles different blocks
x (Int32), y (Int32)
Entwickler /sim bunnytime Spawns 100 bunnies
Entwickler /preset storages Spawns Storage items
sType (Int32)
Benutzer /help /? Displays all the commands available with hidden subcommands. Accepts a string to filter commands to a search string.
language (SupportedLanguage), text (String)
Admin /user energize /energize Provide a user with extra hours they can use to perform labor when exhauasted. Can be negative to remove previously granted energy.
target (User), hours (Int32)
Admin /manage alert Sends an alert to everybody
alert (String)
Benutzer /economy myrecurring Display all recurring transfers for the given user
specifiedUser (User)
Admin /build store Spawns a store with storages and random trade offers.
offers (Int32)
Entwickler /world generatestats Generates the world block stats
Entwickler /qa servercrash A command to force the server to crash
Entwickler /pollute airpollutiongenerators /apgen Creates AIR POLLUTION MACHINES OF DOOM
Admin /inventory give /give Gibt dir einen Gegenstand
itemName (String), number (Int32)
Entwickler /test placeobjects Attempts placing all objects in the world twice
Admin /user exhaust /exhaust Force a user to be exhausted for the remainder of the day.
target (User)
Entwickler /build shuffleobjects Spawns a large number of random WorldObjects.
count (Int32)
Admin /sim dinnerbell Makes all animals hungry.
Admin /objects add Add an object of the give type.
typeName (String)
Admin /build road /road Spawnt eine Straße
length (Int32), width (Int32), buildTypeVal (Int32), bottomType (Int32)
Entwickler /achievements giveachive /chieve Give an achievement to the given user
achievementname (String), target (User)
Benutzer /civics listdems List each demographic and who is in it.
Admin /skills cleartalents /notalents Resets all talents for a specialization for a player. If the skill name is empty it will remove talents from all specialization
targetUser (User), skillName (String)
Benutzer /manage whoami Zeigt deine Benutzer-ID an
Admin /inventory dumpall /dumpall Dumps all items from your inventory.
Entwickler /preset vehicles Spawns vehicle items
sType (Int32)
Admin /build stockpile Erzeugt ein Vorratslager mit den aufgeführten Gegenständen.
item1 (String), item2 (String), item3 (String), item4 (String), item5 (String)
Entwickler /sim animalspeed /animalspeed Set speed for nearest animal (debug)
wanderingSpeed (Single), runningSpeed (Single)
Entwickler /test pipes Spawns a setup for testing pipes.
Entwickler /civics spawnlaws Generate some test laws.
count (Int32)
Benutzer /Geld currencies Listet alle Währungen im Spiel auf.
Entwickler /avatar lastplayeronearth Kills all spawned dummys
Benutzer /civics elections Listet die laufenden Wahlen auf.
Admin /Geld addaccountuser Adds user to bank account with ID.
account (BankAccount), target (User)
Entwickler /preset economy Spawns Economy items
sType (Int32)
Entwickler /avatar metime Spawns passed number of clones of your avatar
count (Int32)
Admin /sim trample Zertrampelt den umgebenden Boden
Benutzer /emote oops /oops Oops
Admin /property add Adds user to current deed (if username is not provided then adds current user)
username (String)
Admin /skills levelupuser Level up a citizen by one. Default levels you up.
name (String)
Admin /objects edit Bearbeite ein bestimmtes Objekt eines bestimmten Typs. Kann nach Name oder ID spezifiziert werden.
typeName (String), partialObjectNameOrId (String)
Admin /property unclaimabandoned Unclaim plots across the world where the owner hasn't logged in for X days
days (Single)
Admin /land level /level Begradige das Gelände
x (Int32), y (Int32), blockType (String)
Admin /property ownnone Revoke your property
otherPlayer (User)
Admin /qa spawn /spawn Spawnt einen Gegenstand in einem Gebäude
itemName (String), claim (Boolean)
Admin /sim killtrees Cuts all trees in an area. Pass true to delete them.
radius (Int32), destroy (Boolean)
Benutzer /util unstuck /unstuck Versucht, deinen Avatar zu befreien
Admin /sim regenlayer Setzt eine Weltebene zurück in den Zustand, in dem sie wäre, wenn die Welt frisch generiert worden wäre.
layerName (String)
Benutzer /Geld accounts Zeigt alle Bankkonten im Spiel an.
Entwickler /test hammers Run a series of chat commands to test the game.
Admin /teleportiere todark Zur gegenüberliegenden Seite der Welt teleportieren
Admin /build buildingofmaterial /bm Erzeugt ein Gebäude aus dem spezifizierten Material
material (String), x (Int32), y (Int32), z (Int32), roofType (Int32), createWindows (Boolean)
Entwickler /test placeallworldblocks Attempts placing all world block objects in the world
Entwickler /build tech Spawns some things (objects, blocks, etc) at a certain tech tier
tier (Int32)
Admin /titles rename Rename a new title.
title (Title), newName (String)
Admin /meteor spawn Spawns a meteor into orbit, regardless of current disaster settings.
Admin /inventory addvoid Add an item to your void storage
itemName (String), number (Int32), distance (Int32)
Admin /skills give Gives a skill matching the given name.
skillName (String)
Entwickler /inventory fillmeup Adds random items to the user's inventory.
Admin /manage whois Shows the user ID of the requested user.
otherUser (User)
Admin /sim unpollute Unpollute an area. Remove dead plants and replace dirt on grass blocks.
fullReplacement (Boolean), radius (Int32)
Admin /civics vetoelection Veto an election.
election (Election)
Admin /objects remove Remove a specific object. Can specify by name or ID.
typeName (String), objectNameOrId (String)
Entwickler /Tutorials task Starts specific tutorial task by name.
taskName (String)
Benutzer /manage whatami View your current skill title
Entwickler /preset generators Spawns Generator items
sType (Int32)
Admin /meteor addhours Adds meteor impact hours
hours (Single)
Admin /sim setlayer Sets a world layer to specific value or random value from range.
layerName (String), value (Single), maxValue (Single)
Entwickler /qa allplants Spawns all plant blocks
rows (Int32)
Entwickler /contracts spawn Create contract board with all the contract's types
Admin /teleportiere toplayer /tpto Teleportiert zu einem Bürger.
otherPlayer (User)
Entwickler /voice login Connect to the voice server
Benutzer /emote dance2 /dance2 Dance2
Benutzer /emote lol /lol Lol
Benutzer /emote sleep /sleep Schlafen
Benutzer /emote laugh /laugh Laugh
Benutzer /emote shame /shame Shame
Entwickler /preset all Spawns All Presets (Exept hidden)
sType (Int32)
Benutzer /civics showtick Show time until the next civics tick.
Entwickler /craft spawncrafting Creates a craft setup where output from one thing is input to another.
copies (Int32)
Entwickler /voice joinserverchannel Connect to the server's voice chat channel
Benutzer /util unstuckvehicle /freecar Attempts to unstuck vehicle in target
target (INetObject)
Benutzer /objects list Listet alle Objekte eines bestimmten Typs.
typeName (String)
Entwickler /civics addvotes Add a bunch of test votes to a specified election, or first election found.
election (Election), count (Int32), forceYesVote (Boolean)
Admin /util openserverui /serverui Öffnet die Serveroberfläche, falls der Benutzer ein lokaler Benutzer ist.
Admin /land resetworldcaches Resets the world caches
Admin /chat clearhistoryolderthan Clean up chat history from old messages. Reduces memory usage and may improve server performance. You need to provide number of days in world time to preserve.
preserveDays (Int32)
Admin /util fly /fly Schaltet Flugmodus um
Benutzer /util calculate /calc Wertet den mathematischen Wert aus
expression (String)
Admin /manage setreputation Befehl um den Ruf eines Spielers festzulegen
targetUser (User), rep (Int32), clampValue (Boolean)
Admin /districts add Set the current area within a given radius to a given district (or a new district if none is passed).
radiusInPlots (Int32), district (District), map (DistrictMap)
Entwickler /Tutorials reset Resets the tutorial, including record of given items (which menu option does not do).
Admin /titles unassign Entferne den Titel eines Spieler, oder dir selbst wenn keiner angegeben.
title (Title), unassignUser (User)
Admin /Geld addaccountmanager Adds user as manager to bank account with ID.
account (BankAccount), target (User)
Admin /sim spawnallplants /allplants Spawns plants of particular ages in a row
count (Int32), growth1 (Single), growth2 (Single), growth3 (Single)
Admin /pollute trashcity Just in case you like living in TRASH CITY
Admin /sim oneshot Tötet das nächste Tier
Benutzer /titles list Lists all existing titles and info about them.
Entwickler /titles givetreasuryrights Weise dem aktuellen Spieler einen neuen Titel mit Staatskassen-Rechten zu.
Entwickler /skills debugedu Make education tick every frame, accepet teachers and students regardless of skills, and allow teachers to be their own students.
Entwickler /test industrialelevator Setup an industrial elevator for testing
Admin /Geld createdebt Create debt between two players in a currency that matches the given name.
lender (String), borrower (String), paybackAmount (Single), interest (Single), daysTillDue (Single), currencyName (String)
Admin /titles delete Permanently deletes a title.
title (Title)
Benutzer /emote angry /angry Wütend
Admin /titles assign Assigns a given user to a given title, assigning to yourself if none is specified.
title (Title), assignTo (User)
Admin /civics removeconst Entfernt die derzeitige Verfassung.
Admin /build resident /res Make the targetted user a resident on the deed at your current position. Use 'self' if no target asset.
targetUser (User)
Admin /sim killplants Kills all plants in an area. Pass true to delete them.
radius (Int32), destroy (Boolean), speciesName (String)
Benutzer /time now Zeigt die aktuelle Uhrzeit.
Admin /manage removeadmin Removes user as an Admin by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Admin /time midnight Set time of day to midnight
Admin /time fastforward /ff Force the world to fast forward. Pass 0 to stop.
set (Boolean)
Benutzer /emote nope /nope Nope
Admin /Geld deleteaccount Deletes an account even if there is still currency on it.
account (BankAccount)
Admin /manage clearobjective Clears a user's objective
targetUser (User)
Entwickler /test sewage Spawns a setup for testing sewage system.
Entwickler /build landlord Spawn a room for a test user, make us a tenant.
Admin /meteor makevisible Make the meteor enter the targetable range, or the specified angle if one is passed in.
angle (Single)
Admin /land massinteract Verwendet das aktuell ausgewählte Werkzeug auf umgebende Blöcke
size (Int32)
Entwickler /test propertyclaimtool Test claiming and unclaiming property.
Entwickler /test placegarbage Attempt to place a bunch of garbage bags in the world.
Entwickler /property removeinvalidownables Check deeds and remove contained ownables that do not belong to them
Entwickler /test makeusers Create test users up to the given amount (default 5)
count (Int32)
Entwickler /test makeuser Create test user with a specified name.
name (String)
Entwickler /qa dbtest /db Inserts records to DB to get perfomance information on it.
parallelCount (Int32), statsCountPerParallel (Int32), bulk (Boolean)
Entwickler /titles spawn Create a bunch of titles for testing.
number (Int32)
Admin /skills removetalent /talentdel Removes talent by name for a player
targetUser (User), talentName (String)
Admin /discoverall Discovers all items in game
Entwickler /titles giveglobalmarkerrights Assign the current player to a new title that has global markers rights.
Admin /rooms repairall Repairs all broken rooms. This command may take a long time and create heavy-load on the server, so only use it when many rooms are broken
Entwickler /test exchange Spawns 2 test exchanges, one for the user and one for another user. Adds some entries, performs some tests.
Entwickler /test economics Spawns all the various parts of an economy.
ordersPerStore (Int32), stores (Int32)
Admin /districts clearmap Remove all districts from a given map.
set (DistrictMap)
Entwickler /test distributionstation Creates and applies a Distribution Station.
fixedCount (Boolean), itemMax (Int32), itemDistribute (Int32), itemCountMax (Int32), carried (Boolean)
Entwickler /achievements remove Remove an achievement from the given user
achievementname (String), target (User)
Admin /civics vote Vote in the given election for the given candidate.
election (Election), winner (User)
Entwickler /test bed Spawn a bed and sleep in it.
Entwickler /test axesandchainsaw Test cutting trees with axe and chainsaw.
Admin /teleportiere targetto Teleports otherPlayer to an xyz coordinate
otherUser (User), x (Int32), y (Int32), z (Int32)
Benutzer /rooms test Prüft die Umgebung um zu sehen ob sie die Voraussetzungen für einen Raum einhält, wenn nicht wird der Grund erklärt.
Entwickler /economy payeverytick Enable debug command to pay recurring transfers every tick.
Benutzer /emote stinky /stinky Stinky
Entwickler /sim setpollutionactive Activates/deactivates pollution layer updating.
isActive (Boolean)
Admin /food eat /eat Max your calories
amount (Int32)
Admin /skills fullreset Resets all skills to unlearnt
targetUser (User)
Entwickler /skills creative /creative Remove restrictions and gives you every skill at max level.
Entwickler /qa disconnect Disconnect client with a long message
Benutzer /sim Meeresspiegel /sea Displays the current sea level and how much it has risen.
Admin /sim removedeadplants Removes dead plants in an area.
radius (Int32), destroy (Boolean)
Entwickler /civics testtreasury Spawns a test treasury, grants related privileges to the user, opens UI, allocates taxes.
Entwickler /sim addatm Atmosphäre hinzufügen
Entwickler /qa allworldobjects Spawns all world objects
Entwickler /craft setpowercost Reduces power consumption of all existing objects withing a given radius to passed value (defaults zero).
cost (Single), radius (Single)
Entwickler /Geld spawnaccounts Erstellt ein neues Bankkonto für jeden Benutzer.
count (Int32)
Admin /sim greenthumb Spawnt zufällige Pflanzen
radius (Int32), trees (Boolean)
Entwickler /sim poorbunnies /die Tötet alle Tiere
Admin /titles set Legt Werte für einen Titel fest.
title (Title), maxOccupants (Int32)
Benutzer /manage listadmins Displays a list of all administrators.
Entwickler /food digest Kalorien in Abfall verwandeln
Admin /sim spawnanimal /animal Spawnt eine Anzahl von Tieren
speciesName (String), count (Int32)
Admin /manage unban /unban Unbans user by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Admin /sim massplant Spawnt eine Menge der gleichen Pflanze
radius (Int32), speciesName (String), yield (Single), trees (Boolean)
Admin /time resettime /resettime Reset time of day to match the clock.
Admin /Geld cancelalldebtfromplayer Lösche Schulden, die ein bestimmter Spieler angesammelt hat.
otherPlayer (String)
Admin /sim forcecollectglobalstats /globalstats Force global stats to collect now. Updates world progress stats as well.
Admin /qa showsupportedlanguages List all supported languages with short codes
Benutzer /emote dance1 /dance1 Dance1
Entwickler /sim followanimal /fola Toggle following the nearest animal.
set (Boolean)
Entwickler /sim destroyedatmosphere Set the percent of a destroyed atmosphere to display, blended to over a given number of seconds.
percent (Single), time (Single)
Entwickler /preset resources Spawns Resources items
sType (Int32)
Admin /food work /work Kalorien verbrauchen
useCalories (Int32)
Entwickler /build techtree Builds every WorldObject in an appropriate building and fills it with fuel
Entwickler /sim debuganimal /dba Enables debug on the nearest animal, or disables it if already enabled.
follow (Boolean), destroyAllOthers (Boolean)
Entwickler /qa testbows Test bow and arrows.
Benutzer /emote yuck /yuck Yuck
Admin /skills reset Resets a specialization for a player. If the skill name is empty it will reset all specializations.
targetUser (User), skillName (String)
Benutzer /emote smile /smile Lächeln
Entwickler /qa toggle Toggles the show state of a UI, by UI prefab name
uiName (String)
Entwickler /settlement spawn Create a homestead with a test user owning.
count (Int32)
Entwickler /preset fuel Spawns Fuel items
sType (Int32)
Admin /Geld setaccountowner Manually set an account creator.
account (BankAccount), target (User)
Entwickler /qa runtests Run a series of chat commands to test the game.
Entwickler /qa notificationstest Spam a bunch of stuff to notifications
Entwickler /qa listunobtainableitems Lists the items that cannot be crafted from some set of other items. Note that many of these are not meant to be crafted, e.g. hips and stone.
Entwickler /qa exceptional Throws an exception, very useful
Admin /sim spawnplant /plant Spawnt eine oder mehrere Pflanzen in einer Reihe mit zunehmendem Alter
speciesName (String), count (Int32)
Entwickler /sim predatorsprotected /safe Stay invisible from predators
Entwickler /qa allconstructed Spawns all player constructible blocks
blockType (String)
Admin /inventory forcegive /fgive Give yourself an item (Forced, ignores restrictions)
itemName (String), number (Int32)
Benutzer /emote smirk /smirk Schmunzeln
Admin /property targetowner /ownit Change owner of current target
target (INetObject), newOwner (User)
Entwickler /preset scrolls Spawns SkillScrolls items
sType (Int32)
Admin /property ownall Claim all property
Benutzer /emote frown /frown Stirnrunzeln
Admin /manage announce Sends an announce to all players
announce (String)
Admin /property remove Removes user from current deed (if username is not provided then removes current user)
username (String)
Entwickler /preset power Spawns Power dependent items
sType (Int32)
Entwickler /preset housing Spawns Housing items
sType (Int32)
Entwickler /qa spamdb Spams database operations, in the hopes of reproducing errors or lag
numSeconds (Single), numWriteThreads (Int32)
Entwickler /preset food Spawns Food items
sType (Int32)
Admin /pollute all Rains tailings from the heavens to ruin the world
Entwickler /test interactobjects Attempts to interact with all objects in the world
Entwickler /preset crafting Spawns CraftingStation items
sType (Int32)
Admin /util record /record Schaltet Aufnahmemodus um
Admin /civics ticknow Force a tick on the civics system to happen immediately.
Admin /land remove /remove Remove block types within a specified area
blockType (String), x (Int32), z (Int32), y (Int32), isTurnToGlass (Boolean)
Admin /manage ban /ban Shows list of banned users or bans user by account id, steamid, slgid, or username. Ban forever by default with empty time. Time format: 1m, 1h, 1d, 1w.
nameOrID (String), reason (String), time (String)
Admin /land spawnrubble Lässt Schutt um den Spieler herunterregnen.
blockTypeName (String), rubble (Int32)
Entwickler /meteor spawncrater Create a crater at the current position.
size (Single), addPollution (Boolean)
Entwickler /meteor Regen Makes meteorites rain down the sky, accepting the number to send and how long between them.
count (Int32), timeBetween (Single), radius (Single)
Admin /build building /bt Erzeugt ein Gebäude je nach spezifizierter Stufe
type (Int32), x (Int32), y (Int32), z (Int32), roofType (Int32), createWindows (Boolean)
Entwickler /meteor hitworldlayers Triggers world layers to act as if they were hit by a meteor.
Entwickler /meteor fall Begin the meteor impact sequence
Admin /meteor destroy Destroys the meteor in orbit.
Admin /inventory dumpselected /dumpselected Dumps all items in your selected toolbar slot.
Admin /manage warnuser Sends a warning to a citizen
warnUser (User), warning (String)
Admin /manage unwhitelist Removes user from the whitelist by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Admin /manage unmute /unmute Unmutes user by account id, steamid, slgid, or username
nameOrID (String), reason (String)
Benutzer /manage playtime /playtime Listet die Spielzeiten eines angegebenen Spielers auf oder einem selbst, wenn leer.
other (User)
Admin /manage setreputationrelative Set the user's reputation relative to another
targetUser (User), fromUser (User), rep (Int32)
Admin /manage setspawn Ändert den Spawnpunkt zu deinem aktuellen Standort
Admin /civics debug Toggle debug display of civic processing. Pass 'false' to see for only yourself.
allUsers (Boolean)
Admin /manage listusers Displays a list of all known users, showing username and ID.
Entwickler /sim noah Spawns given number of all animals
count (Int32)
Benutzer /emote facepalm /facepalm Facepalm
Benutzer /manage authlevel Zeigt deine Berechtigungsstufe
Admin /land removenearestglobalmark /removenearestglobalmark Removes the nearest global waypoint to your current position.
Entwickler /housing addroommates /shackup Add a number of residents to the deed you're currently a resident on.
count (Int32)
Benutzer /helpful Shows all help, including sub commands.
language (SupportedLanguage)
Entwickler /test zeropoint Build Zero Point place and teleport to it
sizeX (Int32), sizeZ (Int32)
Benutzer /emote laydown /laydown Laydown
Admin /food crave /crave Force a craving on a given user (self if untargeted user, random food if not set)
target (User), foodName (String)
Admin /Geld removeaccountuser Removes user from bank account with ID.
account (BankAccount), target (User)
Admin /Geld tax Tax all accounts in all currencies a specified amount of money, into the treasury by default or a specified account.
amount (Single), accountID (Int32)
Entwickler /civics spawngov Create all the government objects in their needed buildings near you, ratify the constitution, and add at least one of each civics object to their tables. Pass 'fales' to make the constitution not require elections to make changes.
requireElections (Boolean)
Entwickler /workparty spawn Spawn a work party for testing.
Benutzer /emote knock /knock Knock
Admin /property claimrect /claim Claims plots in a given rect.
xSide (Int32), ySide (Int32)
Benutzer /manage ignore /ignore Shows your Ignore List or adds the player to the Ignore List by the name or remove if the player is on the list already
ignoreUser (User)
Admin /skills levelup /levelup Levels up a string matching the passed skill's name to the max.
skillName (String), targetUser (User)
Benutzer /economy allrecurring Display all recurring transfers paid in the game
Benutzer /civics showgovernment Lists the active elements of the government.
Entwickler /sim raisesealevel Raises the sea level by a passed in amount. Careful with this one!
val (Single)
Admin /civics failelection End the election with a negative vote.
election (Election)

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